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HDMI handshake issue with Arris portal and Optoma HD33 projector

Question asked by tcarter on Dec 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by tcarter

I've been having an HDMI handshake issue since the new Gateway/portal software was rolled out back in May.  Very similar to this:    ,  except the incompatibility I am seeing is between the portal and my Optoma HD33 projector.  As mentioned in the other thread,  unplugging the portal 4 times will reset the software  ( to )  and the portal will then output via HDMI and mostly everything works,  other than Video on Demand (as discovered a few days ago)    Current software  ( )  causes a pink screen. I believe that my only hope is that the next portal software update takes care of this issue.  I'm posting here mainly to log the issue with Shaw support and hope the feedback gets through to Arris.    Shaw service has been out a couple of times,  most recently yesterday,  Matt was great, and was very detailed in his troubleshooting,  checking connections,  replacing splitters, etc,  just to make sure.    Same issue is seen with Arris MP2000 or MP2150. Yeah, I could likely swap HDMI for component cables to the projector to get rid of the HDMI handshake error,  but it's a long run (~25' ,  more than that if I run the new cables in the wall/ceiling to hide them)