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DCX3400-M - STILL no resolution on dropping eSATA Drive??

Question asked by spiggy_topes on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2015 by kevinds

I see there was a long discussion on these boxes and their propensity for losing touch with external SATA drives, starting in 2012 and terminating in January 2014 with promises of continuing effort to find a resolution. I don't see anything more recent than that, which suggests to me that either a) a resolution was found but not generally rolled out, or b) that everyone just gave up waiting. Well, I'm now having to pull the power cord on mine pretty much daily, and I'm hoping against hope that option a) is the correct answer. Was there a resolution for this issue? Is there a fix that will stop this from happening? It's very frustrating to have to pull the power cord and wait for a reboot, and then to have to wait for the guide to rebuild each time. Please tell me there's a fix...