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SMCD3GN and the Apple TV

Question asked by y091918 on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2013 by kevinds

Ever since I received the SMCD3GN I've had issue with connection of my apple tv. Basically the issue stems from streaming music content from my PC (itunes) to the Apple TV. The router I used to have NEVER had an issue, and the problem started right after I got the new router. This one has problems all the time. I can be streaming and it will die after 20 minutes, sometimes a half an hour. I have tried changing to all the wireless channels without it fixing the issue. Once it dies sometimes rebooting the apple tv will work, other times I have to restart itunes, and a couple of times I needed to reboot the router completely.


I've tried streaming from two different computers and still have issue. Replaced my apple tv with a new one ... still have the issue. I used to have a number of airport expresses and they would disconnect from itunes as well. I also tried deleting and re-adding itunes ... no luck.


I talked to a tech once that said he was aware of the issue, but didn't have any solutions. I'm heavily leaning on the modem / router being the issue. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.