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Can't find a working code for my Denon D-150 using the Champ UR2025B1-B1 Remote

Question asked by lynx67 on Jan 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by lynx67

I recently switched from Bell to Shaw.

My set-up includes the Shaw DCX3510-M and the Champ UR2025B1-B1 Remote Control.


I am also using a Denon D-150 as my Tuner/Amplifier for the Sound output which I would like to control with the Champ remote.

I was able to control the Denon D-150 without any problems with the Bell remote control (The remote control code for the Bell remote is 2674).


Unfortunately however I am not able to find a working code for the Champ remote for my Denon D-150.

I went at least twice through the various set-up options suggested for the remote and I have been on the urcsupport web site as well and tried all the suggested codes there as well without any luck. Programming for all my other devices was straight forward and sucks however that I would have to use a second remote just to control the volume when I watch TV.


Isn't there a way to find a working remote code or convert the Bell Remote code 2674 to a code for the Champ Remote?


Any suggestions that don't include running through the obvious set-up guide for the remote again are very welcome.