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Determining adequate signal strength in Gateway system (MoCA)

Question asked by blake on Jan 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by mark_vse

What should you look at to determine your signal strength for the Gateway and Portals using the Installer Menu?  I have a lot of cascading splitters and notice rare pixelation.  I know Shaw says "-10 to +10 dBmV" is the accepted range, but Gateway shows different signal parameters in several different screens:

1) "Tuner Status":

Lists signal strength for 6 tuners (which I assume are in the Gateway media player hub). My Signal Level ranges -0.90 to 0 dBmV and SNR is 36-38. I assume this is the incoming TV signal the gateway media player sees?


2) MoCA Status:


Node Rx Power: -38 dBm (NOT dBmV).

I believe you have to add ~48 to convert to dBmV:

So now the gateway is +10 dBmV.  Node SNR 34

Why different that tuner status dBMV?


GATEWAY PORTS (4 of them)

38 to -39 dBM;

= +11 to +12 dBMV

?Too high


3) Cable Modem

I realize Shaw disables this in the Gateway, but interestingly the modem signal strength is higher @ 1.1-1.7 dBmV

(is this because of the lower frequency band the modem uses, ex 449-489 Mhz, compared to TV ??)

What values should I look at to ensure my overall signal level is adequate with all my splitters?