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Poor Image Quality - Pixelation on 2 TV's

Question asked by matthewh010 on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by [shaw]jeff



My image quality is very poor all of a sudden.  It's freezing and pixelating a lot, on all channels.  This is happening on both my HD PVR and my digital box.  There are no splitters installed, this is straight to the outside connection.  Anything recorded prior to today works fine, so I am doubting it is a problem with my PVR.  I have reset my HD PVR and digital box several times, I have undone all the coax connections and put them back and still the same problems. nothing in the Poor image/Pixelation page has helped.


This is very frustrating - I can't watch anything live, or that was recorded tonight - it's happening on all channels and on all tv's!


Any help would be appreciated.