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Very disappointed at Shaw customer service

Question asked by vas on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2015 by shaw-lance

I'm very disappointed in shaw royalty customer support. I was looking at Telus, and I sae that they were offering 75$ a month for internet, phone, and TV. Now I did not call to warn them that if they don't match thay price I would leave or anything. But the person that I spoke to made me very sad and I felt that shaw doesn't really care about a customer that never changed providers for 10 years. All I asked was that my current plan is very expensive even a new customer gets to get a good 50% off their Internet while I pay the full price. I just asked if there was anything they could do because the price is very expensive. The person said some hurtful things that actually might make me end up my long business as a shaw customer in a very disappointing manner. He told me that I'm not a loyal customer just so I could get special offers, he told me that I already had my 6 months of special plan and that after that people are to pay the full price. When I told him that I just wanted to see if theres a better plan for me because I can't afford to pay that much. He literally told me that if I'm not happy with the current plan then I would have to leave the company. This is a big statement from shaw and it just made me feel embarrassed just for calling. During all my years shaw has never let me down, and all my plans were in decent price and I was happy. This time however shaw has let me down, all these years I've been a customer. The Shaw loyalty representative even told me that he can't keep giving me good deals because Shaw would lose money..... does this mean Shaw has been losing money for past 10 years of my service to them? Anyways I would like to know if this is how Shaw sees me as a customer.My plan is very expensive if there is anything you guys can do let me know, I didn't want to call shaw again and be embarrassed again. Therefore I thought might try the Internet as a last resort for now.