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Ordering Shaw Services Online - Movie Central

Question asked by karinhiebert on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by shaw-lance

i received an email yesterday in regards to the movie central special offer of 9.00 a month. Order today it said!

i Placed my order and was disappointed with the process.

I Had expected it to be activated immediately.

I Received an email saying order received and would be receiving a follow up email that the order was processes and so on.


had I known thatt 24 hours later, I still  had not had Movie Central added, I would have easily done it by phone, and would have had it by now.


ordering additional channels or adding a special offer, should not take this long, when I know it could have been down by the click of a button with a telephone call.


terribly disappointed that something that was to provide me with a convenient way to add this, has now left a bad feeling about adding anything via online, or my account.

i Just sent an email now to cancel this order.

no patience for poor service.


dont understand this this the norm? Why is adding service, channels etc. so easy over the phone yet via internet, or my account does it take this long?