Becoming increasingly frustrated with Shaw services.

Discussion created by chaosrider on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by [shaw]jeff

We've been using Shaw for about 5 years now and we love our services (Home Phone, TV and Internet), but my bank account doesn't like it anymore. Seems like every 6 - 9 months service rates seem to increase and i'm becoming increasingly frustrated.


Telus is an inferior provider, but having the best provider like Shaw isn't good enough when I can't afford to pay for it anymore. Telus has called me and they are offering a very tempting offer and i'm considering taking it for all three services.


I would like to stay with Shaw, but if I can't a proper deal going to at least reduce my monthly bill by $40 - $50, then I would have no choice but to jump ship to Telus.