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When was the announcement of the shaw community made, how  and what [channels] were used?

Question asked by qualicumguy on Oct 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by hitesh

I have been asking for a users forum for many years now. last week a tech supporter told me that one was available.  when I searched on Shaw using  users forum nothing came up.  can't recall how i came to find this.


This is tremendous, much needed. exactly what is required




I use the ebill option; get emails re bill available. It is my channel to/from shaw. don't recall seeing announcements in emails other than ebill is available..   Seems like a missed opportunity to get the word out on important developments. and what i cannot understand, what is holding Shaw back from using this channel as a marketing tool????  


just the latest experience


eg  HD Guide. Confusion reigned. Was having problem with my DCX 3400 freezing and missing recording calls. tried the Gateway, but had it removed next day because it lacks the function to set a recording for the period ahead of the program guide 14 day listing.  discussing options for other alt to replace the 3400, the HD GUIDE was mentioned as coming up.  five (5) different Shaw techs gave me five different statements last week about its availability: from vague - coming later this year, to mid-nov,  to can't find any email about it, to can be out tomorrow.  no one told me it was guide only, not PVR. How frustrating!!!!!!


                                                  but what a wonderful guide!


Looking forward to working to reduce these sorts of frustrating experiences.  I feel better already