Slow internet speed

Discussion created by canuckfan77 on Jan 27, 2015
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I've been having slow internet speeds for a long time now before summer of last year. I upgraded to the 50 to see if that would help and it does for part of the day. I have great speed in the morning, About half speed in the early afternoon and often basically unusable speeds from 4-11pm of 3-8 mbps. I've been told in early November they were aware of the saturation in my area and it would be fixed in 4-6 weeks. I've been in contact with the ecare team and they promised a fix in 1-2 months. When I contacted customer support they told me that I should not have been given any timeframe because these fixes often take up to a year to fix. When I enquired about a credit I was offered a downgrade to the 30 and a free upgrade to the 60. I was finally able to get a measly $15/month credit for the last 3 months including this month. I'm feeling very underwhelmed by all of this and am seriously considering a switch to Telus which recently expanded their fibre optic network to my area, 3 yr contract and all.