DCX3510-M Issues Continue

Discussion created by srglasswick on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by aldrimus

Again this evening, at 6:20 PM PST my DCX3510-M rebooted itself. The TV screen went blank, the PVR briefly displayed 8888, then BOOT then after a minute or so shut off. I turned it back on after waiting several minutes with nothing happening and it went through the boot up process.


My question is, when can we expect a resolution to this recurring issue and all the other ongoing issues with this PVR and with the HD Guide?


Mine is not an isolated occurrence -- it has happened on my DCX3510-M several times recently and from reading here and on other forums it has happened repeatedly to many others. I do not expect a definitive answer to this post but I do expect some concrete action by Shaw to deal with the well documented issues with this PVR. It's time for some action rather than excuses and familiar platitudes.