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Not getting what we are paying for

Question asked by dualsport on Oct 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by dualsport

This is an old one, but internet speed tests show I never get near what I pay for.   I was at 10Mbps, tried 20Mpbs for another $5.  But

still speeds less than 5Mbps?   I just found some statistical support for this, from  this link shows that for several thousand

unique IP addresses in Nelson, the avg speed was less than 5 Mbps.   Shaw cannot deliver the speed yet we consumers keep paying, the

average consumer has no idea or knowledge, thus they get away with this, what can we do?,19550/Nelson/     Its hard to refute these stats, even if everyone is only paying for shaw 10Mbps, I don't believe one

could say it was skewed because most IP testers were using very slow internet.  In fact slow internet users typically wouldn't have the knowledge

or need to check their speeds, its those of us who expect speed don't get it and go looking for answers.   My cable has been replaced from the pole, inside wiring replaced, modems reset ad nauseaum, no speed increases!