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Series recordings are not recording

Question asked by rs1234 on Jan 29, 2015
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Many of the programs I have Series Recordings set for suddenly stop recording, i.e. they are on my Series Recordings list, but the programs don't record. When I look for those programs on the guide, they no longer have the series recording icon beside them.


For example, one program that airs Monday to Friday has the series recording icon on today's episode, but as of Monday, the icon no longer appears beside any of the episodes.


Over the last few weeks, this has happened with more than half a dozen of the programs I have Series Recordings set for. It's gotten to the point that I have to check every day to see if the next day's programs will be recorded. When a program is missing, I have to cancel the Series (because it continues to be on the list) and then reset it as a Series Recording. It kind of defeats the purpose of having Series Recordings.


I hope that this can be resolved soon.