Gateway/portal crashes durring "log upload"

Discussion created by cowtownbiomed on Oct 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by [shaw]ali

Hi folks,

Over the weekend I had some time to watch some live TV.

What I have noticed (on 3 occasions) is that while watching, suddenly the picture will freeze, then go blank, then indicate that "no gateway found".

Upon looking at the instalation dashboard, these events happen when the gateway is attempting to upload its logs.

It takes a few minutes for the gateway to get comms back online with the portals, and then carries on fine, until the next attempted log upload.


Just thought I would throw that out there, so when it happes to someone else, they can check too.

I guess if you are lucky enough to not be watching durring these events, there wouldnt be an issue.

Perhaps, in the future, the programmers can set the gateway to only upload loggs durring a (typical) non watching time (2am?)..dunno..