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DD 5.1 on QuickBar?

Question asked by rwb on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by rwb

Just made the switch, after years, from my old DCT 62xx PVR to the Gateway system.  Was trying to test out my DD set up through my AVR and something isn't quite right yet.  I can deal with the AVR side but I wanted to establish which programs are actually broadcasting in 5.1.  Now on my older guide if the program was in 5.1 it listed in on the info banner on the bottom of the screen etc.  When I googled as to where this audio info was on the this new interactive guide it too said it was on the Quick Bar......not.


I have the audio settings all configured to Digital but no where on my Quick Bar does it mention anything about DD 5.1 and I've looked at most of the HD channels descriptions.


Please kick me in the right direction.....