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Slow upload? You can say that again. I do not have to make tests of the Shaw speed. I upload to my own website, which accepts unlimited bandwidths like what a full movie can have .Last night, Sunday Oct 28, I tried to upload just to prove that theShaw servers actually sleep. It took the Shaw servers 13 hours and 6 minutes to upload 1,784 Gb. And at the time of writing, 5:46 AM Oct 28, the speed is up to 306 KB/s, uploading 842.6 Mb in 17 minutes 46 secs. It seems the fastest upload speed is still wanting. And the Shaw operators, I mean the Shaw server equipment, sleeps. I don't know why it needs sleep, but it sleeps.

But what the heck, Shaw cable is still faster than Telus dedicated ADSL optik which is consistent and does not sleep, but I need speed. BTW, I use 3.4 GHZ  desktops. Downloading is not a problem for me, especially when I use ftp.

Uploading to Youtube is perhaps not a better way to test the Shaw speed. Lots of people clog the lines going to You tube. More so when they download.