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S0a00 error code - has anyone actually resolved this issue?

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by shaw-ken

My DCX6416 HDPVR started to not be able to record.....and then we started to get this error message.  shaw tech came to look at it and said one tuner on the PVR must not be working any longer.  We can still watch tv just can't record. So went out and bought another used PVR, same model.  Shaw registered the unit on my account and it is getting a signal (can get shaw on demand and preview channel 1) but no other channels work.....all have this error code.  Have tried everything on the shaw website that it says to do, have replaced coax cable, there is no splitter.....nothing Solves the problem. All forum threads end with shaw support going off line with customer so never get to see what has worked for people.  Any ideas?