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Shaw Direct on Demand Speed Issues

Question asked by accountant on Feb 5, 2015
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Looking for some help/insight into why my receiver cannot play HD content from Shaw Direct on Demand. I have called Tech support 3 times and they have yet to resolve to issue. Their actions to date have been 1) refresh on my receiver by tech support ( told me to wait 2 hrs and see)  2) sent a new receiver as the Ethernet port was likely faulty 3) Suggested that I update to a faster internet package. Have not done this as I do not think that is the real issue here.


What I have done:  I have completed numerous speed tests on my receiver at varying times and I consistently get results of 2.8 to 3.0 Mbps. I have exchanged the Ethernet cable. I ran speed tests on our 2nd receiver and the replacement receiver. I ran internet speed tests on my desktop , on various websites (including Shaw), and get speeds of 9.7 to 10.0 Mbps. I have connected the Ethernet cable feeding the receiver into a laptop and get the same speed as on my desktop. I have run the receiver directly to the modem as opposed to running it through the router. I have turned off every wireless device ran the speed test on my receiver. Nothing has improved the results on the receiver speed test. my I pad even get speed results matching the connected computers.


My equipment: Modem - Motorola Surboard SB5100, Router - NetGear n750/wndr4000, STB - HDPVR630, Cabling - CAT6

ISP: Access Communications Regina         Package: High Speed 10Mbps (down) 1 Mbps (up)

Connection Speeds:     ping     down      up

Shaw Wpg                    12          9.8          .99

Shaw Cal                       28          9.8          .99

Shaw Van                      42          9.8          .99

HDPVR                                        2.94


Having read some of the discussion material ( and maybe understanding it) there could be some internet routing issues. Unfortunately to date the technical people have not been able to help me. I am not technical so I am lost and would greatly appreciate for some help....please and thanks.