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If I change my internet speed from 20 down to 10 down will my speed drop?

Question asked by dualsport on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by terrais

Ok before you say of course, please read. 


I have been on Shaws a-- lately, because I know I never achieve any of the speed I pay for, especially during waking hours when anyone is up.

Its usually under 4 more like 1 or 2 in the eve.  But my speedtests in late evenings early mornings still never exceeded 10Mbps,  I had a call from a

shaw tech on the weekend responding to my incessant requests for answers, he cancelled my housecall, I knew that was a waste of time, how many times can they come here and change my drop and modem and test?  He said they have identified a local problem and I should se an improvement.

Well guess what, I was seeing new speedtest results I never saw before, 12 to even once 18 download, unbelievable, I never saw over 10 before.

What did he do?   But in the evening when everyone is on, its still less than 4 sometimes 1.  So what good is 20 when you only see it in the

middle of the night when no one else is on? 


My point, I have never needed more than 10, I was upsold to 20 long ago when complaining.  If I change my plan to 10 which is all I ever need if

I could ever get it, will my average in the evening drop even lower?  Logically I say it should not, nor should I have ever bought 20, but is there

something going on, where people paying for 20 might get a little more in the evening, than someone paying for 10?  I think shaw collects a lot of money from internet users who like myself figured another $5 for 20 wasn't much, but it wasn't much is right, it was Nothing!  just another $5 for shaw.


I think I will drop my plan to 10 and see where my evening speeds go to, although its a big moving target thats hard to really track I know.

Nelson shaw internet customers are being ripped off I wish I could get this info out there but most don't know they are being taken.