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PVR Event records sound no picture

Question asked by hhairsine on Feb 11, 2015
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Ive had an issue twice now, both times, on channel 272 Discovery World HD, both times it was Mythbusters. 


The recoding will record, we go to play it back and we get a BLACK picture, and sound, the system freezes up, and we have to press the live TV button to get out of the recording. the tv shows a No Signal msg but I can hear the recoded msg and eventually after pressing the live tv a few times it goes back to live tv.


I have tried playing the same recording in another room on another one of the gateways and sure enough there is sound and video, so this leads me to believe there is a problem with the one box in the living room?


What is the cause of this.


My Gateway system in the living room has also frozen up on me several times, I have to press the small button at the back of the small box to reset it.