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Series recordings failing (DCX 3400)

Question asked by selfy on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by shaw-tamara

I have a DCX3400 which has performed well for years, but these last few months I've had a lot of problems.


I've noticed that sometimes series recordings either don't record certain episodes at all, or only record the first few minutes, then it gets cut short.


I got in touch with Shaw through live chat and got the box reset, which re-loaded the guide data and deleted all my favourites, but the issue persists.


Here are a couple of examples I have made note of recently:

Feb 1, SHOWD (channel 256) - Broadchuch - failed to record at all

Feb 12, 5pm.  ABCHD (channel 205) - recorded only the first 13 minutes.  A message on the recording says "This recording was interrupted while in progress. Some of the program may have been lost".  No-one was anywhere near the PVR at this time, so I know the box wasn't disturbed by any person.


Here is a series recording I have which *never* has recorded any episodes, despite the show appearing in the TV guide.  I gave up and watched them online.

CHEKD (Channel 215), Supernatural


This series recording misses some episodes at random.  It probably records about 75% of them.

TLCHD (Channel 258), 19 Kids and Counting


This series recording has very weird behaviour.  It went crazy and started downloading every episode broadcast, even if it was a repeat.  I deleted the series recording and recreated it, then at the beginning of the last series it started recording the new episodes, then after about two, it stopped and never recorded another.  I ended up watching the remainder online.

210 CTV HD Big Bang Theory


Does anyone else have issues like this?  Is it likely to be a guide data problem, buggy Motorola box, or a faulty box?


Anyone have any ideas?