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Change IP address of shaw modem (not of my computer)

Question asked by kkkwj on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by shaw-ken

An music education website that I am a member of in Texas suddenly stopped working last week. It looks my IP address (ie, the address of my shaw cable modem cannot get through to the website. My friend (also on shaw) could not access the site either. The website is available to the rest of the world, including 2 shaw support people on the phone lines. My traceroute (and my friend's traceroute) both take the same line of shaw machines and network backbone machines down into Texas, and then get (probably blocked by something) down there.


I want to change the IP address of my shaw modem so that I can hopefully bypass the network headache, whatever that is.


Is there a way to do that, perhaps by unplugging my shaw modem for 24 hours?  That might not work because the MAC address of the shaw box will be unchanged, and the shaw DHCP equipment might just give my shaw cable modem box the very same network address.