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Why won't Shaw Customer Service listen to Customers?

Question asked by el_tee on Nov 2, 2012
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I am very annoyed with Shaw Kelowna at the moment.  I have a Pace DC758D DCT with a Seagate expander attached.  Problems started a couple of months ago, with the DCT randomly re-booting, sputtering, freezing, etc., with the same symptoms showing up in recordings.  Several calls to Shaw support, who, while courteous and polite, could offer me nothing other than resetting the DCT, even though I mentioned I suspected a failing hard drive, at least I think I did.


I took it upon myself to re-format the hard drive, hoping to map out any bad blocks or sectors, then had Shaw re-initialize the unit to reset the DCT and expander parameters.  This appeared to work and for several weeks all was well with the DCT and expander.  This fix was short lived as the symptoms re-appeared this week.  Convinced I have a failing hard drive, I disconnected the expander from the DCT and all is well, now I am as sure as I can be the expander is the culprit.  So off to Shaw I go to purchase a new expander, however the customer service rep says he can't sell me one without a service call.  I tell him I'm 99% sure the expander is the problem and I don't want to be without my PVR until a service call can be scheduled. His reply was "You may be sure, but I'm not."


So here I sit, waiting for the technician to show up sometime between 8AM and 5PM, it is now 1:05 PM.  Can't leave the house as the technician won't call when he is on his way.


In the mean time I have connected an old 500Gb Western Digital My Book, to the DCT, formatted the hard drive, and I am good to go.  Did a thirty minute test record and it was flawless.  Have tested all functions and everything is good, thus more or less confirming the Seagate drive is failing. I am getting more and more annoyed as I sit here wasting my day, waiting for the tech to make an appearance and tell me the hard drive needs to be replaced.


While the customer service reps are for the most part, courteous, polite and somewhat helpful if it a simple reset will fix the problem, throw something out of the ordinary at them that's not on their list and a service call has to be scheduled, but not really scheduled since it is sometime between 8 and 5, resulting in the customer wasting their day waiting for the tech.  All my annoyance could have been avoided if the customer service rep would have just sold me a new hard drive.


End of rant for now!!