slow speeds saskatchewan

Discussion created by smokin_joe on Nov 5, 2012
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It's really unfortunate that shaw's internet has gotten worse in the past year.  I think these network 'upgrades' have actually made speeds worse.  I have had my modem replaced, talked to many 'techs' on the phone, and going thru the same steps every time... plug the modem directly into you computer, boot into safe mode, etc etc.  It must be your computer. Well it's not my computer.  I have had shaw internet since 1998 and never seen slowdowns like this. 6 months ago I started having the slowdowns you guys all mention in the posts above.  I upgraded to a 20Mbps connection thinking it would make things better. Well it made little or no difference, just that the swings in speed could now go a little higher than 7.5.  but much of the time speeds are under 5Mpbs and not a constant 5, it jumps around erratically from 0.5 to 5Mbps.  And like you all have stated above 1 min you tube videos buffer 10 times before completing... Maybe it is time to switch ISP's  although in Saskatchewan our choices are limited... :-(