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Wireless Connection Unstable Again....

Question asked by imeegracel on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by imeegracel

I don't mean to be a Brat Whiner, but my wireless connection is acting weird again. About like 5days ago, during the time which I enjoy the most spending time online, my  connection kept dropping and freezes in a certain moment. I did some inquiries over twitter, thinking that, there might be an area issue or something...well' there's nothing reported as they said. So, start doing basic thing. "Unplugging and Channel Change"  seems like, it does make a little better  but after a while issue occurred again. "Frustrating"

I read one of the document in here' about the "Wireless Connectivity Troubleshooting"

It's stated there, that there are variety of devices that could cause interference and one of it  is  "Garage Door Openers"?

Recently, weather change, I removed most of  those transmitted devices in my car and brought it up and placed it by the counter. That's include of  Garage Door Opener, Radar and Laser Detector and some of my music gadgets. Are these things might be the causes of interference? How about  Car Remote Starter? I frequently used that recently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.