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Favorite new police drama - 19-2

Question asked by merryshari on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by [shaw]ali

I have had a few problems - for one when I search for 19-2 nothing comes up.  I can physically search for one in the listings and click on it and find other showtimes but that's not good enough.  I also tried searching by an actor's name and that did not come up either. 

Also, has anyone had problems with PVR dropping recordings mysteriously.  I had two episodes recorded and I am 99 percent positive I did not delete them as I hadn't watched them.  Now we don't have the option of look at our history (sucks) so I don't know why.  I have tons of room on my PVR

Also, is 19-2 season one and new season episodes going to be on Shaw on Demand?  And when?



One more thing - Shaw on Demand TV is not keeping up - I am frustrated as I wanted to watch my recordings of Chicago PD and they weren't there either, so I went to Shaw on Demand and they don't have the newest episodes, whereas Chicago Fire has.  They kind of go hand in hand and I want to catch up.



Thanks for your help.  I find I am being pushed towards the Gateway.  It seems every day a show gets dropped in the middle (because we didn't see the warming about one being recorded, another set to record and we are already watching something else.  If you don't notice the warning, your show gets deleted.