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Everything works but telephone and I don't have a DTP?

Question asked by pinkdusk on Nov 11, 2012
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The shaw service went down in my area the other day. I was told we had to reset our telephones.

I own a Motorola SB5100 which I use for my computer and a MotorolaDCX3400-M as my digital cable/PVR unit. I cannot find a reset button on either of these items. I cannot find anything on here on how to reset those items, maybe my search words are wrong?


I have always had the modem so I am guessing that is how I used to get my phone service? I just recently traded in the old digital box for the PVR system.


Anyways if someone can tell me how I am able to get my phone service back, it would be greatly appreciated. I tried using my emergency only cell phone but have slowly ran out of time waiting for help.