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Amazingly Slow Upload Speeds

Question asked by slowuploadspeed on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by kevinds

Hi there,


I'm just irritated and annoyed at my current upload speed. I believe I have High Speed 10, and my upload speed at home is terrible. Dropbox uploads are capped at 54KB/s and uploading 9mb attachments on Gmail take at least 5 minutes. This is really annoying me and it's not what I paid to get. I did speed tests on both Shaw and, and both said I should get at least 0.49mb/s (~500kb/s). It is obviously also not my computer's problem, as when I go to SFU for school, it's almost 700KB/s for upload, and 3MB/s download (I only get 500KB/s MAX download speed).


If this continues, I'm seriously thinking of switching ISPs.



Thank you for your help