UFC 154! How to order in advance

Discussion created by [shaw]ali on Nov 16, 2012

On the Gateway:


1. Press Menu

2. Arrow left to PPV

3. Select Change Time Slot

4. Arrow down to the event time for UFC 154 (7/8 PM PST/MST)

5. Press OK

6. Select either the HD event on channel 300 or the Standard definition event on channel 324 and press OK

7. Select "record/buy"

8. Press OK

9. Confirm order by selecting "yes" and press OK on remote

10. You are good to go!



On the standard guide:


1. Press Menu

2. Select PPV

3. Select either HD Pay-Per-View Events or Pay-Per-View Events

4. Arrow down to "UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit"

5. Press OK

6. Select BUY

7. Press OK to confirm Order

8. Set to record if need be



On the HD guide:


1. Press Menu

2. Arrow left select PPV Events

3. Press OK

4. Arrow right to the event time slot (7 PM on 11/16)

5. To order in HD press OK, then confirm order by selecting OK again or to order in Standard Definition arrow down to Channel 324 and then confirm order by pressing OK on remote.