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motorola dct3416 no guide, no access to pvr recodings, time stuck at 12:00

Question asked by markd on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by markd
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Things that have been done to attempt to find a solution:

1) old cabling all replaced from laneway into house and all splitters in the Shaw Box (outside) replaced as well by Shaw. All new cabling tested and verified.


2) motorola dct3416 unlpugged multiple times and still no guide, no access to PVR recordings etc. I can use the channel up/down on the remote to browse channels but no info displayed as well. Unable to record anything.



3) Was there a recent firmware update done in the last week that may have caused this problem? (possibly as a result of bad/old cabling)

4) Shaw tech support can see the digital box on the system but unable to access it.


Any ideas?