Why Are We using McAfee?

Discussion created by justanotheruser on Nov 17, 2012
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Ever since the switch to mcafee i have had no end to frustration. mcafee lacks many features and freedoms fsecure(the previous shaw secure product) and other security suits offer. for example if you are running the "site advisor" and visit a site you know to be safe but has been yellow flagged for whatever reason there is no way to turn off/on the warning for that specific site so you have to constantly go through the site advisor warning before entering the page or if you want to view the last report from a scan (or a any previous scans) there is no way to view it only gives you a running total of all scans. also mcafee lies for example i was downloading a game cheat to get past a part of a game i found impossible (i suck ya ya) anyways the site i was visiting wasn't flagged on the site advisor i click the download link all of a sudden mcafee pops up and says it has detected the file i'm downloading contains a virus,trojen and or spyware/ malware do i want to continue the download or stop it. i had previously downloaded this file under shaw secure (fsecure version) no problem. so i clicked on download anyways and sure enough once the file was downloaded i extracted it (no problems) and scanned all files (no problems) where is this virus/trojen/spyware/malware i was warned about?? so i tested it out ... long story short ... site advisor automatically flagging everthing from the site (that it even gives as a green check) as containing virus/trojen/spyware/malware  for whatever reason what else is it lying about doing?. meaning it wasn't actually scanning anything just assuming for whatever reason that everything from the site was. i know i'm complaining about a "free product" try thinking about it this way nothing is free when a for profit company/corporation is involved shaw is charging us for mcafee only it's hidden in their internet charge and i think they should be giving us a better product for our money one that doesn't cost time and frustration and doesn't lie about "detecting" a file is infected with virus/trojen/spyware/malware because it is coming from a certain site.