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Gateway - Picture and Audio briefly cut out

Question asked by yycmike on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by joecool

Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour - It make me crazy...


The audio and video briefly cut-out.  No audio and blank screen. Lasts between .25 and 1.5 seconds.  Occurs randomly between 10 and ~40 times an hour.  No difference between source as live TV or recorded program.


I have 5 set top boxes and this behaviour only occurs on one combination of equipment: Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver and a Sharp Aquos LC-65E77UM TV


I have moved the set top boxes around and the behaviour stays with receiver/TV combo and does not follow the set top box.


This behaviour does not occur with any other input to the receiver:  PS3 - Xbox - WD Live - Camcorder -> all using HDMI inputs


I have tried setting/forcing various video modes on the Gateway (1080i only, 24FPS, etc) with no change.


Any idea's or suggestions would be appreciated.  I am just about ready to go back to the old PVRs and send the Gateway packing.......