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DCX3400 Recording Mysteriously Vanishes

Question asked by bdebroni on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by mfoster79

I have a series recording set up for a show. The last episode taped was last Thursday. I went to watch it tonight, and it was gone. I know for a fact that it was in the list of recordings yesterday. I checked the PVR History, and there is no mention of that recording in there, so it appears that it just disappeared as opposed to being deleted in some fashion.


Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?

Is there a way to get the recording back? My feeling is that the recording is there, it just lost the entry in the list of recordings.

If there is no way to get the recording back, is the disk space used by that recording gone for good or is there some way to get it reclaimed?