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Webmail 2 - body not available

Question asked by frustrated on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by shaw-matt

We have different webmail accounts.  Each are set with the exact same settings and all are on Webmail 2.  Interestingly, under preferences the options are not all the same - one had hot keys that you could use ..  ha, ha ... good for a laugh. Don't bother trying, but the main concern is that in either replying or creating a new email you can enter in the subject line, add documents but it does not allow you to have access to the body of the email to type in your message.  As I use different laptops and computers, I am using Webmail directly instead of having the messages download into Microsoft Outlook.  I have tried all the different setting combinations to no avail.  Please, any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.  The original webmail was a pain but at least I could email people!


When I phoned in for support he recommended that under General to set it for Standard Ajax; but under Mail to put HTML when possible, and then under composing not to have the no formatting selected.   


As a side note, Webmail 2 preferences do not all show up on Windows 8 that show up under Windows 7 so to see all I have to switch to a unit that has Windows 7 on it (I would never have put Windows 8 onto any computer if I knew what I know now).