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Problem viewing recording in progress

Question asked by redney on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by dayne

Last night we had two recordings in progress.  We wanted to watch one of them, and came in late.  I was unable to rewind to the beginning, and for a while was unable to change away from the channel, to the other recording in progress.  Each time I pressed the rewind button, the screen showed a red line, "recording in progress" with and little circle with a line through it, and a red dot saying "identifying" or something like that.  This recording did not show on the personal library list of recordings (unlike the second one) but it showed as being recorded on the program guide. 

I was eventually able to change to the second program being recorded via the personal library list of recorded programs.  Then suddenly the red recording light went off and the pvr stopped recording the first program after half an hour, when it was 1hour long.