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Formatting Expander

Question asked by artisan on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by artisan

We just had our PVR replaced. I noticed that our expander (Iomega) didn't

seem to be working. I rebooted the entire system by disconnecting the power

cords and data cable and waiting the prescribed time before hooking everything

back up.


Initially, the prompt came up and asked if I wanted to format the drive, and I

said no. This was before I knew that the recordings on there couldn't be used

with the new PVR. Now, it says my recordings are at 65% full and I barely

have recorded anything. I would guess the old movies etc are on the expander

and I can not see them to delete them.


So, my question is - How can I format the expander now, after the fact? I don't

don't see any options at all for doing so.