Slow internet access problem solved.

Discussion created by lewisbengerman on Nov 26, 2012
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Last week I switched to Shaw after a horror run with Telus. The shaw guy came out, hooked me up and left me to my own devices. What does a geek do when he gets himself a new broadband connection? Queue up a bunch of downloads of course! So I started downloading away and found that I was getting some pretty awesome download speeds compared to what I was used to with Telus.


Another thing I noticed as well was web browsing seemed to be painfully slow. I jumped on some shaw forums and found a bunch of threads relating to poor performance with customers using the Cisco DPC3825 Wireless router. I tried some of the suggestions including changing the wifi channel, disabling various services, all to no avail. Then in dawned on me, hang on a second... it can't be that as if I get a download (torrent or ftp) started I get pretty amazing transfer rates across the wireless.


What it looked like to me was the outgoing request (ie the POST in a web transaction) was taking forever, but once it had been received and the connection was made, the transfer rates ramped up big time. So I started looking at me local network and found that the DNS server that the router is assigning to my hosts was the device itself not an external DNS server. I logged onto the router and changed the DHCP settings for the DNS servers to Shaw's DNS servers:



Primary Server Name: nsc1.so.cg.shawcable.net

Primary Server IP:

Secondary Server Name: nsc2.so.cg.shawcable.net

Secondary Server IP:


I then jumped onto my laptop and renewed my dhcp, double checking the new settings applied to my host. The difference was like night and day, all the slow issues I experienced disappeared! I guess the router was doing some kind of DNS/UDP proxying which was taking forever to do the lookups thus giving me the illusion of slow internet speed!