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Sound cuts out

Question asked by artisan on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by waznyb
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We just had our PVR replaced because it was rebooting by itself and freezing up all the time.

We had a TDC770D installed. That solved those problems. However, now we have a new one.


We can be watching a show live and the sound will cut out, and 2 seconds later there will

be some pixelation, then the sound returns and the picture is good again. This takes about

4 seconds. It started out doing this just once in a while, but now it seems to be once every

couple of minutes or more. This makes watching any show not enjoyable.


When recording, the PVR captures that as well, so watching recorded shows are equally

not enjoyable. I've tried rebooting the system, but that doesn't seem to help.