New HD Guide – Very Frustrating

Discussion created by klewi on Nov 28, 2012

I could have placed this post under either one of the following threads and if you are looking at getting the new guide you should read both.






To those of you eager to get the new guide, either with new equipment or by software upgrade, I’d wait a while before you do.  I recently purchased a Motorola 3200 with the new guide and I’m not impressed and frankly very frustrated.



Let me start by saying the new guide, in principle, is good.  The information, design and layout could be very useful.  If it functions properly it would be a big improvement over the original guide.  As mentioned in one of the posts above the huge frustrating problem I see is its response time.


When using the guide the response time from button push to action ranges from 2-7 seconds.  On average it’s 4-5 seconds.  In other words if you push page down on the guide you will have to wait 4-5 seconds for it to respond.  This delay is throughout most key presses with the guide.  To a slightly lesser degree it is also present with setup and search functions.


The response time is so frustrating that I had to call Shaw service.  The tech rep I had on the phone was very polite and good (Shaw service usually is) and he suggested by starting with a reboot of my new box.  When he did this the box failed.  It couldn’t be rebooted which prompted a service call several days later to replace the equipment.


I had hoped that a new box would solve the response time issue but it hasn’t.  The same problem exists.  I’m now at the point where I have to either live with it or ask for an exchange of equipment to the older guide.  Right now I’m leaning towards returning to the old guide.



Besides the response time there are a few other issues I’ve found.  Some of these may be corrected with time and certainly should be.



There is no color change option for the guide.  It comes in a black and white only.  I personally don’t like these colors and find them a little hard to read and I’d like the option to find something better.



When highlighting a program on the old guide you are able to search for future times for that program.  This is handy for finding a time later in the evening, or the next day, of your favorite show.  This option is not available with the new guide and the only way to find future program information is with the labor intensive alphabet search.



The new HD format overlays an HD channel on top of its SD counterpart.  This seems like a good idea but my experience has been that some HD and SD channels don’t always program the same shows at the same time.  With the new guide you have no option to see the SD channel.  You can only hope they are exactly the same.



For some reason I had one channel on the guide lose program info and show only TBA.  When it did this for some reason that channel locked out.  Even though there was programming on it, and a show I wanted to watch, I was unable to access it.  It was asking me for a password that I had never set up.  The next day when the guide programming came back I was able to access the channel again.  I can only assume this is a bug and I hope it doesn’t happen often.


This is my experience so far.  I hope you find it useful.