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Youtube slow - Calgary center

Question asked by dmarkd on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by pawel1976

I have poked around and have noticed the thread that was recently closed stating that Youtube slowness has been "fixed". Unfortunately I appear to still be experiencing this issue. I'm not seeing slowness with any other websites/applications, in fact I can explicitly see traffic from youtube spike up to rapidly downloading and then just crash to 0b/s for extended periods, which continually results in buffering. Hitting speedtest, I can easily pull 90mbit/s at the same time as youtube is struggling. I've tried restarting my modem, I've tried different computers on my network, nothing changes the fact that I get these wild swings in my incoming youtube stream.


I'm guessing this is an issue in the caching infrastructure at Shaw, and perhaps that whatever was done to resolve the issue elsewhere hasn't been applied everywhere. Anyway, I just wanted to raise the issue as it's incredibly frustrating for me, and the last thread has already been locked.


I'm attaching a tiny image of my incoming network meter just to show the peaks and valleys that I'm talking about.


Edited to add: I can also prove that this issue is specifically on the Shaw network and related to some network trickery they're doing because as soon as I VPN from this connection to a network outside of Shaw, Youtube videos load quickly and smoothly.