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In EXO ON DEMAND on a DCX3400-M, how to rewind? The back arrow is non responsive.  Why?

Question asked by qualicumguy on Dec 1, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2012 by mark_vse

On my DCX3400, the rewind key is non responsive in EXO ON DEMAND for either free TV shows or free movies.




It makes no operational sense that rewind is not functional for the free menu items (items we have already paid to have access to without further charges.   There are a variety of circumstances where rewind is wanted - eg: to review a scene not understood; a run-on situation when pause has not been activated, etc.  No rewind is intolerable.  I Understand fast foreward not being availble so that the commercials cannot be avoided, but this consideration obviously does not apply to rewind.


Referred to a tech for help, I was informed there is no rewind functionality available on the rewind button even though availability is indicated on the screen.


Has anyone had any success rewinding for these circumstances.   If so, what button (sequence) did you use?