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Wireless connections able to connect, send and receive packets, but not able to load webpages/load them at a crippling speed.

Question asked by ducwolfe on Dec 1, 2012
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Just yesterday I had upgraded internet service packages from the standard Highspeed 20 to the Broadband 250. The technician had arrived, set it up, and left the modem-router hybrid ready to go. Unfortunately, the strength of the signal being provided by the modem-hybrid wasn't strong enough to cover the necessary area, so I'd gone out and purchased an additional D-Link DIR-857 dualband router. The setup of the router was a little problematic at first, but I finally got it up and running. One of the questions I have about that, though I'm not sure whether it'd be at fault with Shaw or the router, is that only the 2.4GHz channel is being broadcast. I've tried reinstalling several times and changing the settings during installation, but I remain unable to get the 5GHz channel to broadcast.


My main problem, however, is that when trying to connect different devices to the channel that IS being broadcast (2.4GHz), the connection they receive, though strong, is faulty. Though the devices are receiving and sending packets, they're unable to load up any webpages or actually "pull any internet", for lack of a better term. I'm able to perfectly load all webpages, though I'm directly connected right into the modem-router itself. When I'd initially had the Highspeed 20 package with modem installed, after connecting a router to it I was only allowed to "pull internet" on a single device, and had to call in and have a technician "allow more". Is that something that will again have to be done with this new internet package?


Sorry if I'm being vague. Any help would be greatly appreciated.