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Any MS Media Center computers users out there that can help getting my MCE working again?

Question asked by dgittins on Dec 2, 2012
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Shaw just applied the transition from Analog to digital in my neighborhood, so now my Media Center Edition computer no longer works because it cannot access the Shaw signal.


Shaw offered to send me one of their Digital boxes, but that will not allow me to program Media Center Edition recordings because it cannot tune to any channel other than the Channel the digital PVR is set on. There's little point in using Media Center Edition if you cannot program recordings.


A Shaw phone support person told me I could tune into TV channels by getting a Hauppauge HVR-850, so I bought one but it does not actually pull in hard disk channels because Shaw encrypts them.  I get about a dozen flunky stations but no HD. A later Shaw person verified it would not work and helpfully said the previous help person shouldn't have recommended the hardware. (Thanks for wasting my time and Money, Shaw support).


Someone on another thread suggested a Ceton InfiniTV 4 but that is not an option because Shaw will not provide a Cablecard. Shaw's digital boxes hardwire the cablecards.  In the US I think it is a law that cable companies they have to make them available, but I guess in Canada, consumers don't have that sort of protection against this sort of monopoly money grab.


It seems there are new a few tons of useless Microsoft Media Center Edition-based computers out there because of this change. It’s very disappointing that I can no longer use Media Center to program TV recordings.