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No Online Support?

Question asked by robert.ball84 on Dec 5, 2012
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I'll try to keep the frustration to a minimal here.


To get the particulars out of the way, I know my PCs, I know my routers, and I've been though every 'recommended' action that Shaw can throw my way as well as my own.


With that being said...


I've spent over TWO hours waiting cycling and re-cycling through the online chat queue only to get a nice 'there is no representative available'.  7 times later and still nothing (and that's just at this junction)


The issue:

I contacted Shaw a few days ago due to slow/poor internet.  After the agent checked our system (reiterating that the connection was 'poor'), the suggestion was that I purchase a new splitter to see if that improved hasn't.  I consistently have ping of over 1500ms (to google), a connection quality of 'poor' and average speed of 7 (compliments of the shaw speed test).  This issue of slow net speed has been going on for several months, though only in the past week has it become almost pointless to use the internet regardless of time of day.  TV quality remains good.


As I've said, I know my PCs - system is clean of malware/virus', everything has been cycled and rebooted, connected directly into the router, etc.


Hoping this gets the attention of a mod at least.


Thanks in advance!