How do you feel about how Shaw is handling the update of the guide to older customers?

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Since I thought this was a discussion forum and my last post was locked because my concern was redundent I thought I would ask a new question.


How do you feel as an older loyal customers about how Shaw is handling the updgrade of its guide to customers not using the new boxes that Shaw obviously wants everyone to buy.  I don't like it personally.  I paid 700 dollars for my box and pay a monthly fee for the services that Shaw offers I shoudl be afforded the same services that other customers receive for the same subscriptions.  So I should have the new guide.  I should also have access to to same channels (FX Canada in HD) and Shaw should not be just offereing these options to just those that purchase the new boxes (and I already know the new boxes are MPEG 4 technology and I have MPEG 2 technology).  The bottom line is all customers should be treated equally as we are all paying for the same services.


Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?  I don't think is a redundent question either.


This is the post I got in my last question to the forum.


This question has already been answered here: Re: Support for the new High Definition Guide.


You will find the official response from a Shaw employee there regarding this question.


Since this topic is redundant I am locking this thread.




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