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Newbie question re Gateway/Portal wiring/installation

Question asked by grahamu on Dec 11, 2012
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I currently have a 3416 PVR and am considering either adding a second PVR (3510) or switching to a Gateway and 2 x Portals.


Our house is pre-wired with a single coax line running from each room back to the small box on the outside wall. The installation of a second PVR would therefore be simply a matter of plugging it into the coax outlet in teh second room.


I am tempted to make the switch to the Gateway/Portals but have not been able to find out how this would work given my exisiting wiring. What I don't want is to have to have more cable installed.


How would this work? Does there need to be a seperate line running to the Gateway somewhere? How does the signal get from the Gateway to the portals? Would there need to be a second coax run i.e. one to the Gateway and another from the Gateway to the Portals? If other equipment (splitters/amps) are required for the installation, will these fit in the small box on the wall or will there need to be additional boxes installed somewhere?


Apologies if some of these questions are niaive or answered somewhere that I couldn't find.