Surprise cancellation fees!

Discussion created by derek_paquette on Dec 15, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by kevinds

So I cancelled my Cable TV service today. The gentleman on the phone was nice but still kind of pushy on the reasons why I was cancelling (overpriced to just watch the only 2 good shows a week ever on). The service was cancelled and I am told someone will be by to pick up the receiver and remote with a 30$ cancellation fee. Yeah that's fine!


Here's what I find completely unacceptable. I receive an email saying there's been an outstanding leased equipment charged to my account for 148$. When I signed up for the TV package it was under a 6 month free promotion for being a "valued customer", for using their internet service. The installation fellow told me they supplied to receiver for free and cancelling was between 30-50$. It's like them literally saying "oh yeah you want to cancel, do you?? EAT IT!"  This fee is insulting to my patronage if not removed, which it most likely won't be.


  I will be warning everyone I know about Shaw, including local community forums so everyone knows this type of shady business practice at Shaw.