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Extremely Slow Speed

Question asked by claim on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by claim

I got this problem since last night Dec 15. I recently added TV and Phone services. When I got the installation last week, the technician took my old modem and exchanged a new one with wireless and router. I used for 1 week and it works fine unless last night.

Internet speed become very slow. I cannot even open the speed test web page to do the testing. I tried the following steps but the problem remain.

- I unplug the power from the modem and waited for 30 sec then plug it back on. No change in speed.

- I restarted all device that will connect to the internet. No change in speed.

- I disconnected all device from the internet except my computer, and the speed do not improve.

- I disconnected the phone box and TV box. No change in speed.

Please HELP!