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Broadband 100 is a joke

Question asked by martel_family on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by shaw-matt

So for the past few weeks ive called three times, the first time they sent a tech my place, to check the level of the modems and connection. And fix up a few connectors. They said that everything is 100% fine here. I pay for broadband 100 mbs. Which means that my connection speed should be traveling at a 70 mb download speed minimum. I have no problem paying for the broadband 100. But when its traveling at 20 mb download or less constalty this is pathetic. Ive taking constant screenshots, called in multiple times each time they've done nothing about this


I'm about to take shaw to court, for not holding up there part of the bargain, I have over 3 weeks of screenshots and proof of what my speeds are running at.


fd9266bb4b5e8fd0376b2aa054f3e3a4.png This what my current speed is running at right now as I type this message. This is pathetic.